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Tempobet Expands With Football Premier League Sponsorship

Tempobet Expands With Football Premier League Sponsorship

Tempobet, world’s leading online gambling company, has signed an advertising partnership with football stadiums of the seven English Premier league teams. Under the deal, there will be advertisements on the billboards on the match days at Arsenal, Brighton, Burnley, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, Huddersfield and Watford.

Under the sponsorship deal, Tempobet will be seen being displayed for a total of 500 minutes during the premier league season.

The move will ensure that Tempobet receives an enormous amount of exposure in the league, which is widely popular around the world. The largest stadiums regarding deal and the club with the biggest fan base is Arsenal that plays at Emirates stadium in North London, with a seating capacity of more than 60,000.

Tim Peters, the Tempobet CEO, expressed how enormous the Premier League is getting every year and how great an opportunity it was for his company to grab this opportunity. He also mentioned that the Tempobet is working its way to expand internationally and create a brand awareness.