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Technical issues during New Jersey gaming soft-launch

Technical issues during New Jersey gaming soft launch

The soft-launch of online gambling and poker websites in New Jersey is a test period for the state's Division of Gaming Enforcement to analyse the operations for five days and decide if the process is smooth enough to approve the proper launch on November 26th.

The first set of bugs have already come to light and they involve the complex technology designed to keep player activity within state's borders. It seems even people well within the state's limit and borders are not allowed to play or register.

This scenario had been anticipated by the authorities but the magnitude of the issue had not been possible to measure until yesterday. The online fences or virtual borders were put in place to avoid residents of neighbouring states to access the gambling products.

The problem is that these fences have been set up further inland than the actual borders blocking many New Jersey residents. It was not immediately clear why the technology locked out users who were 10 to 15 miles from the border.