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Supreme Court’s Sports Betting Ruling May Affect Nevada Gambling Industry Majorly

Supreme Court s Sports Betting Ruling May Affect Nevada Gambling Industry Majorly

With the supreme court of the United States announcement of reviewing the sports betting case of New Jersey and the American Gaming Association’s persuasion to repeal the law that forbids state authorized sports betting, which may bring about with it some significant changes.

The fate of sports betting in Nevada is in question.

Many sports books have been in favor of the revoking of Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992, that bans the states from allowing the sports betting. If revoked, the change will bring with itself more illegal offshore betting than it is in the four states that permit some form of legal gambling.

Many believe that Nevada industry would remain to boom if the existing laws are changed. Nevada has the right attitude, established infrastructure and prior knowledge to provide the players with the perfect gaming experience, which gives Nevada advantage over any other state, just like in the case of casino poker experience.

While some argue that Nevada would not face any issue by the Supreme court judgment, some legal experts say “sports betting has an equal sovereignty problem.” According to experts, there can be three possible outcomes of the review. First, the court decides to stand with the decisions of the lower court, making no changes. Second, the PASPA law is struck down and declared unconstitutional. Third, the court under the equal sovereignty doctrine (under which all states must be treated equally by the federal government) bans sports betting everywhere, including Nevada.

The third outcome could give Nevada nightmares, though it is not very likely an outcome.