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Super Bowl Patriots Bet Wins Royal Oak Resident $1 Million

Super Bowl Patriots Bet Wins Royal Oak Resident 1 Million

Dominic Mirabella, 39, from Royal Oak, Michigan, won $1 million from his New England Patriots bet in Super Bowl 51. The victory came as a result of consistent gambling on the part of Mirabella from the first week of the NFL season all the way to the Super Bowl.

The winning bet was placed through the FourPlay Football app. In order to come up trumps, one had to wager successfully through a total of 81 games, including regular season and playoff matches.

After Mirabella’s story was made public, the Internet was flooded with skeptic comments about the authenticity of the win.

Mirabella has been into fantasy football for 15 years and admits FourPlay has altered the way he bets on games. Instead of focusing on individual player performance, he now selects teams against the spread.

Although there were serious odds in favor of Atlanta Falcons, Mirabella picked the Patriots, primarily due to his affinity for quarterback Tom Brady.

FourPlay Football has specific terms of use according to which winnings are paid out over the course of 10 years rather than as a single lump sum.