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Super Bowl Gambling Frenzy

Super Bowl Gambling Frenzy

This year's Super Bowl will see the Denver Broncos pitted against the Seattle Seahawks. At the moment, both teams are quite even in terms of odds, but the Denver broncos are favourites to win with average odds of 10/13 while the Seattle Seahawks are just one step behind with odds of 11/10. There are many people who believe that the Seahawks still have a chance to win the Super Bowl.

In the wake of the big match, it seems like everyone in the United States has been gripped by Super Bowl gambling fever. The most notorious wager, for now, seems to have been placed by professional boxing superstar, Floyd Mayweather, who boasted on social networks and news outlets of having placed a bet of almost $15 Million on the Denver Broncos to win by more than two points.

Apparently, not satisfied with this, he also placed another millionaire wager. This time on the Broncos to lead at half-time and the total amount is $2.96 Million. It seems as well that even the mayors of Seattle and Denver have been seen placing Super Bowl bets, although they claim they do this in order to promote local businesses and causes.

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