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STS planned to acquire Greep to start a new venture

STS planned to acquire Greep to start a new venture

STS, one of the prominent online betting agencies in Poland, has turned out to be a shareholder of Greep, Ltd. This Czech software maker, Greep is known for lotteries and mutual betting options for all European players.

As a sports gambling platform, STS is making continuous effort to make some improvements, according to the changing trends of customers. It has not only offered eSports options but also added mobile-friendly software for iOS and Android Operating System. Besides, it also presents almost two thousand sports tournaments through STS.TV.

With the latest deal, STS can become the partner of Betsys, a bookmaker system. STS President, M. Juroszek has reported that the agreement may help them to become more independent and ensure the consistency in future development. The company has invested with the aim of providing more advanced solution to the players. Moreover, its contract with Greep will allow the new innovations to reach somewhere outside Poland.

Greep President, J. Najman has also informed that their integration with the betting company, STS assures the excellent standard of their service. The most notable aspect is that it has allowed them to spread their proficiencies in the field of bookmaker. Thus, both the companies will experience a mutual development from the deal.