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State makes final thrust for sports betting

State makes final thrust for sports betting

The state of New Jersey, in its multi-year pursuit of legalized sports betting, is hoping to draw up a miracle play in what may be their last legal chance to do so.



The state had filed a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case as the state continues to seek to overturn a federal ban on sports betting, which could pave the way for sports betting to take place at Monmouth Park.



Oceanport Councilman Joseph Irace said: “They filed a brief to try to get in front of the Supreme Court, and I guess now the Supreme Court has to decide whether or not they take the case. This is the last of the state of New Jersey's efforts.”



While the Supreme Court may be a long shot, Irace said to expect Congress to act on sports betting in the next few years. “I think sports wagering will get legalized across the country, I just think Congress has to do it at some point. Betting is going on so it might as well be regulated and taxed just like everything else. I do think at some point everybody opens their eyes” Irace concluded.



There are currently only four states with legal sports betting: Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. Only Nevada has large-scale sports betting, the other three have limited betting.