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State Kansas proposes legislation to legalize sport betting

State Kansas proposes legislation to legalize sport betting

The state of Kansas has hopped aboard legal sports betting legislation bandwagon and has introduced a bill that would legalize sports betting.

Treading the path of congresses in Massachusetts, Mississippi and New York who have voiced their opinions on the consequences of the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Participation Act (PASPA) Kansas has also introduced a bill seeking to legalize sports betting on professional and collegiate sports. Currently, PASPA is subject to a Supreme Court review.   

House Bill 2533, introduced by the Committee on Federal and State Affairs authorizes, " Any sports gambling authorized by the Kansas lottery in accordance with this act shall be conducted solely on the premises of a racetrack gaming facility and shall be managed and operated by one or more racetrack gaming facility managers."

Currently, there are no operational race tracks or pari-mutuel betting, but it used to quite popular in Kansas before becoming defunct in 2008.

While House Bill 2545 (HB 2545), indicates that there's momentum to bring this dormant industry back into life which would be an additional revenue source.  Hence, Kansas Sports Betting Bill would legalize wagering at currently non-operating racetracks while the other bill would help resurrect the old race tracks.

Officials of Kansas are eyeing to improve the economy of Kansas, create more jobs and generate more revenues by introducing this bill. This comes in the wake of a disastrous tax-cutting plan in 2013 which knocked the business tax rate to 0 percent.

Sports betting would take place at tracks where racetrack gaming facilities would handle the locations where electronic gaming machines are operated, managed and maintained.

The sports betting bill needs more precision as HB 2533 is devoid of any regulatory framework for sports betting or mention of a tax rate. Nevertheless it yet another positive sign.

Of course, these states await Supreme Court verdict in Christie v NCAA, aka Supreme Court Sports Betting case. If New Jersey (Christie) wins, 1992 federal law banning sports betting outside Nevada might be declared wholly unconstitutional, opening the doors for the State of Kansas and other states that are favouring Sports gambling.