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Sportsbooks cancel betting on the new Doctor Who

Sportsbooks cancel betting on the new Doctor Who

British bookies stand to lose up to £100,000 after all bets on the new 'Doctor Who' market had been suspended. The odds-on favourite to become the 12th Doctor Who character in the TV show by the same name was Scottish actor Peter Capaldi.

A spokesman for William Hill mentioned in a statement that the bookie had "seen people trying to back Peter Capaldi as much as possible at every price available." This led to suspicion and questions were raised on the chance of a leak of information from the BBC, even despite the extraordinary efforts to keep the name secret.

The official naming of Peter Capaldi was performed live on BBC1 and it was broadcast simultaneously in both the USA and in Britain. After the broadcast, which was filmed in front of a live audience, Peter Capaldi stated his relief: "It's so wonderful not to keep this a secret any longer."

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