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Sports, gambling and corruption

Sports gambling and corruption

According to some, online sports betting has created a global scenario for sports betting scandals whereas before the internet revolution these cases were prevalent more on a local basis. Sports betting was initially used to launder money and has now become the trend amongst criminals. Although crime has risen with the availability and reach of the internet, the same is not the case for the ability to trace money. To be able to do this efficiently, law enforcement must be able to trace as well the punter, the sportsbook, all servers involved in the transaction as well as all bank accounts which have been used by either party.

Since the internet flows freely over countries and borders, a jurisdictional restricted police force will naturally lag way behind. Sportradar, a Swiss company specializing in monitoring and analysing the sports betting market, developed a program which looks for anomalies and suspicious behaviour during sporting events, ranging from local competitions, to regional and even global events. According to their data, at least 300 events are (potentially) fixed every year in Europe alone.