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Sports-book Deny Mayweather A $400,000 Bet On Self In The McGregor Fight

Sports book Deny Mayweather A 400 000 Bet On Self In The McGregor Fight

Floyd Mayweather reportedly went to the M Resort in Las Vegas to attempt to place a bet of $400,000 on the fight ending in under 9.5 rounds. The line for the bet was 2 to 1 and would have doubled his win. Mayweather was however denied as the sports book was concerned about the legality of the bet, whether he could bet on himself on anything else apart from the straight win.

The fighter reportedly grew annoyed and requested the shift of bet to a victory by knockout. With the concerns of legality prevailing and delaying, the player decided to leave and was unable to get the bet in.

Mayweather who won the match with a handsome nine-figure payout sought the bet as a cherry on the cake.

Mayweather later finished off the opponent McGregor in the 10th round, at the 65-second mark, slightly under the 9.5 round mark.