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Sports Betting Subject to Expanded Scrutiny by CMA

Sports Betting Subject to Expanded Scrutiny by CMA

An investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority into whether online gaming operators are violating consumer rights as far as free-bet promotions and bonuses are concerned has now encompassed a broader scope. The initial inquiry from October 2016 covered gambling fraudulence in general but has now been expanded to look into the problem of misleading promotions that tempt players to place “free” bets, subsequently letting them know they are ineligible for the no-cost offers.

According to the regulatory body, promotional gaming offers are too rigid and elaborate for consumers to make sense of and thus may be impossible to accomplish. Moreover, casino operators have a considerable degree of freedom to change or render bets null after they have been accepted, which qualifies as a disloyal practice.

The CMA is collaborating with the Gambling Commission to ensure enhanced transparency and accountability on behalf of casinos. The current campaign is expected to culminate either with compliance enforcement or recommendations being issued by the CMA or the Gambling Commission.

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