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Sports Betting growing in Las Vegas

Sports Betting growing in Las Vegas

According to Jeff Allen, owner of the Jeff Allen Sports which is a handicapping service based out from Las Vegas, the sports handicapping industry is on the rise. He claims information has never been so valuable with more and more customers seeking professional advice on what and how to bet always seeking an edge to the game. According to Allen, business has never been so good in Las Vegas.

Another factor which has helped spike the popularity of sports betting during the current season in Las Vegas is the appearance of a number of sports wagering applications for mobile devices. Now Nevada residents are able to place wagers on virtually any sports betting event from anywhere and at any time. Not to mention the fact that currently Nevada is the only state to have regulated and legalized sports betting, with many other states attempting to follow suit.

The easiest way to realize how well Las Vegas gambling is doing is to just take a look at the iconic strip where plenty of hotel complexes and new gambling venues are popping up. The latest one to do so is the SLS Hotel Las Vegas and Resorts World. All these factors will influence the way and shape of Las Vegas in the coming years bringing further benefits to the community and local residents.

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