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Sports Betting Contributes Majorly In Online Gaming Revenue, Hitting €82.2m in first 10 months

Sports Betting Contributes Majorly In Online Gaming Revenue Hitting 82.2m in first 10 months

 Into 10 months of regulated service in online gaming revenue, Portugal made around €82.2m ($92.1m), during the time period of late May 2016 to March 31, 2017.

Of all the revenue generated the major contribution was by sports betting, owing to the 70% of the total online gambling revenue in that period, with a total going on to €57.6m for sports betting alone.

With comparisons to the previous year’s third quarter at €22.2m and last quarter to this year’s first quarter, a decline was noted bringing down the numbers from to €18m €17.4m this year.

The remaining portion of revenue is contributed by the casino games including online poker.

Although, the revenue generated from sports betting disappointed by dropping drown this quarter, the saving grace was the online casino, which improved by more than half to rising to €13.9m.