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Sports Betting as Divisive as Domestics Politics, According to Recent Poll

Sports Betting as Divisive as Domestics Politics According to Recent Poll

Americans seem as polarized on the issue of putting an end to sports gaming prohibition and abolishing the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) as they were when they had to choose between Trump and Clinton in the presidential elections.

A poll conducted by Seton Hall University reveals that 46% are in favor of legalization while 42% oppose it. 13% of the respondents were undecided. When comparing the outcome of this survey to a poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University seven years ago which found that 39% of Americans backed up lifting the ban, it is clear that legalization has gained more support.

According to Geoff Freeman, President of the American Gaming Association, the time is ripe for change. In his words, “We have a perfect storm coming together. You have leagues, you have broadcasters, you have law enforcement, you have the casino industry. Everyone is acknowledging that we are better off having a regulated environment.”

President Trump spoke about sports betting during the Super Bowl earlier this month. He vowed to look into the issue and seek input from all interested stakeholders.