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Sports Betting app won't go live until mid-October

Sports Betting app won't go live until mid October

The Oregon Lottery delay the much-anticipated sports betting app. Now the sports bettors will have to wait for a month as the Oregon Lottery officials stated that the app wouldn't go live until the end of September or mid-October. 

Lottery Staff told the commission that this app is "a mountainous task," which involves the work of large team and coordination of multiple vendors. The application is in under a testing phase. 


The program manager of lottery's sports Kerry Hemphill stated that "The goal is not to give a date," on August 30. "The goal is to have a product that functions exactly how it's supposed to" when it is rolled out to the public.


According to Matt Shelby, a spokesman stated that the lottery combined with off-the-shelf sports betting application developed by its vendor, SB Tech, with the e-commerce platform. This platform handles all the players' registration and verification, payments and geofencing, protection which allow the players to place their bet safely.  


Shelby said, "We have an app. We know that works, "What we're testing is the integration of the various systems that need to talk to one another. It's going well, but we're still a few weeks from actually having an app available in the Apple store.


"We set a goal internally of the beginning of the NFL season knowing full well that the testing and the product itself would drive the launch date."

Moreover, The lottery app will allow the players to place their bets anywhere within the state.