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Sports Betting and Integrity Policy Introduced by Badminton England

Sports Betting and Integrity Policy Introduced by Badminton England

With Badminton World Federation launching Sports betting and Integrity policy and because of a number of high-profile cases of betting and gaming issues within sport, Badminton England showed super fast response and gave out its intentions to do anything to protect the players and member from the threats that unethical activity in and around the game can bring and safeguard the integrity of the Sport in England.

Adrian Christy, CEO of Badminton England is not worried about the current scenario of the sport and its players in the country, thought it would be naïve to think that people in the industry could not be targeted or be drawn into committing an offence, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Adrian raising his concerns added: “It is important that we lay down our policy and that all those in and around the game understand their duty to both act appropriately and to report concerns.”

 It is made clear in the policy that it prohibits any player, related person, tournament support personnel, Board member, staff member or volunteer from betting on badminton.

All the players joining Badminton England sanctioned events would be required to abide by the policy and therefore are requested to ensure they familiarise themselves with the content of the document.