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Sportradar and Tennis Channel In Partnership Agreement

Sportradar and Tennis Channel In Partnership Agreement

Sportradar announced today that they have signed a partnership agreement with California-based Tennis Channel. Under the terms of the agreement, the Tennis Channel will integrate Sportradar’s XML feed for tennis matches into their website.

Tennis Channel has the rights to broadcast major tennis tournaments across the US, including US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon and many other majors. The agreement is active from May 1st this year and will renew itself after a year.

Tennis Channel provides visitors with all the tennis data one could need, including scores, statistics and tournament draws, making it the one stop site for tennis lovers. With the new agreement they can provide even more data to the users and much faster, improving the end-user experience significantly.

“We are very pleased to be in business with Sportradar,” said Adam Ware, senior Vice President, head of digital, Tennis Channel. “Our fans expect the most up to date stats and information and having Sportradar power, that part of our experience accomplishes that

“We are happy to partner up with Tennis Channel and have this attractive media channel in our portfolio as a partner for the future. This deal has a lot of potential for both sides and is the perfect opportunity to create valuable synergies. With 24 hours of tennis every day it addresses a broad array of fans and is a major asset for Sportradar”, Robin Roy, Sales Director North America at Sportradar, commented.