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SportPesa pushes for State-of-the-Art Sports Stadium in Kenya

SportPesa pushes for State of the Art Sports Stadium in Kenya

SportPesa, a major sponsor of both local and international sporting teams is promoting the development of a new stadium in Kenya in order to develop sports talent and ensure that it is put on the map for hosting international competitions.

Currently, sporting facilities in the country are well below international standards and are in dire need of modernisation.

With the move by the government to impose a highly punitive 50% tax on all betting companies, the environment for betting firms is not a conducive one and not one in which they are able to easily conduct their corporate social responsibility programs.

SportPesa is wanting to build their own stadium, secure the right area for construction and ensure that the entire process will be interference free.

In order for the plan to succeed stability in the industry needs to be implemented. Once achieved a win-win situation could be reached.