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Spanish League's hard stance on match-fixing

Spanish League's hard stance on match fixing

Javier Tebas, the new president of the Spanish Professional Football League (LPF), announced on Wednesday that match-fixing was a real and constant threat to the league, corrupting the game and players and set the tone for handling future cases of the sort: any player or official proven guilty of match-fixing would face a lifetime ban from the game and from the league.

Match-fixing has become an epidemic problem for the multi-billion Euro football industry. European law enforcement has detected that hundreds of matches have been pre-arranged by a match-fixing syndicate run from Singapore. Other crime syndicates are also profiting from this activity, including the Russian Mafia, Triads and Italian Mafia groups, all linked to Southeast Asian crime groups.

Tebas announced during an industry conference: "Anyone who is involved (a player, a coach, a referee or a director of a team) in manipulating the result at any point of a game should be given a lifetime ban."