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South Korean TV Celebrities Suspended for Gambling

South Korean TV Celebrities Suspended for Gambling

South Korean TV celebrities Lee Soo-Geun, Tak Jae-Hoon and singer Tony An has been given a one year suspension for gambling for hundreds of millions worth of KRW (South Korean Currency, $1 = KRW 1,054) on online gambling sites.

The three personalities primarily bet on the English Premier League, but also gambled with other leagues from around the world, winning large sums from their past time activities. The Seoul Central District Court gave them a one year suspension, taking into consideration their status in society as well as the fact that they have no prior convictions or suspensions. However it was given a notice towards the fact that gambling is a serious and illegal issue and that it will not be tolerated again.

Lee Soo-Geun betted a total of KRW370 million, Tak Jae-Hoon KRW290 Million and Tony An bettet a total of KRW400 million. After the sentence was announced, the three told the local news that they do not intend to appeal the decision.

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