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South Africa to Introduce New Online Gambling Bill

South Africa to Introduce New Online Gambling Bill

South Africa has been very ambiguous regarding legislating online gambling and has so far only approved a gambling act in 2008 allowing the legalization of online sports betting in the country. But now, members of parliament are preparing a bill they wish to have passed to review all regulations and requirements of gambling operator companies in the country.

Last August, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies, said he would set up a regulatory body to oversee issues related to online gambling, but as of yet nothing has happened. And MP Geordin Hill-Lewis, the youngest person to earn a seat in the South African parliament, has proposed a bill requiring operators to apply for specific licenses in each of the country's 10 provinces.

The bill is very similar to the current regulations put in place in Australia where each territory is self-regulated and responsible for licensing operators while the national authority oversees the overall state of online gambling. One of the rules outlined in the bill includes no gambling on credit.

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