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Snooker authorities surveying bookies for clues of match-fixing

Snooker authorities surveying bookies for clues of match fixing

Snooker authorities are intent on monitoring worldwide betting markets in an effort to reduce the threat of match-fixing. Match-fixing in snooker has gained notoriety since the banning of Stephen

Lee, a professional snooker player and former number 5 in the world who was handed a 12 year ban in September for participating in corruption and match-fixing in seven matches between 2008 and 2009. Lee is going to appeal the ban.

According to Nigel Mawer, chairman of the disciplinary commitee of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association told news agency Reuters: “The point for me is if you are going to fix a match, normally it’s for people to win money by betting. So, it’s crucial that we can monitor betting markets worldwide. It gives us the opportunity to investigate.” Match-fixing has recently been all over the news and seems to have taken the sporting world by storm affecting other sporting events, especially cricket and football.