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Sentence for Infamous Sports Betting Con Delayed Again

Sentence for Infamous Sports Betting Con Delayed Again

Punishment for notorious scammer Adam Meyer responsible for conning Fond du Lac millionnaire Gary Sadoff out of $45 million has been postponed for the third time. Attorneys now can use the time until March for further negotiations.

Meyer has been behind bars since 2014. He has pleaded guilty to six felonies committed against victim Sadoff who was tricked into transferring solid amounts of money to multiple bank accounts of Meyer’s. In addition, the criminal pretended to be a “sports consultant to the stars”, selling information on prospect winners of sports events of up to $250,000 per betting tip. According to U.S. Attorney Gregory Haanstad, Meyer then used the money to gamble and sustain a lavish lifestyle with top-of-the-range cars, properties and jewellery.

The prosecution has requested a 12-year prison sentence for the tout. The defendant is asking for no more than five years.

Accomplice Ray Batista who pointed a gun to Sadoff’s head in 2012 while Meyer demanded $10 million is serving four years in prison.