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Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Favourites

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Favourites

The road to the Super Bowl is getting shorter and shorter, as this past weekend eliminated four out of eight teams. We are now down to the divisional finals in the AFC and NFC, which will be played next weekend between the Colts and Patriots in the AFC and Packers and Seahawks in the NFC division.

The "semi-finals" in the divisions brought a few surprises, as nobody expected Andrew Luck and Colts to beat the Broncos and Peyton Manning as well as the Patriots taking the victory against Ravens, who had been unstoppable prior to that game.

The fact of the matter is that now there's four teams left and despite the Patriots very successful history and the Packers having this year's MVP, none of them are favourites to take home the trophy. Instead  it is expected that Seattle Seahawks will go to the Super Bowl and win, giving only odds 2.20 with Bet365.

Next in line is the Patriots with odds 2.75 which seems natural with their winning streak the past 10 years. Packers are third in line to win at a massive odds 6.0 which is so high due to several factors, with the most important one being that their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers still struggles with an injury.

Finally we have Indianapolis Colts at odds 9.0, who nobody expects to win their divisional final and even less the Super Bowl. The team has not shown at any time in this season that it has the format or strength to go all the way and it is highly unlikely that they actually do.

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