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SBIF 2017 Action Plan Made Public

SBIF 2017 Action Plan Made Public

The Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF) has announced its 2017 Sport and Sport Betting Integrity Action Plan.

The organization has gained momentum following the successful implementation of its last year’s objectives, and continues to work towards high standards and lawfulness of sports betting as well as the prevention of corruption and any harmful effects arising from the betting process.

The 2017 SBI Action Plan includes the following 10 objectives:

1. Completing the review of the terms of reference of the Sports Betting Intelligence Unit (deadline December 2017)

2. Promoting good practice workshops and information awareness campaigns (deadline end of 2017)

3. Securing sufficient funding to carry out the SBI Action Plan (deadline July 2017)

4. Supporting the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation into UK law (ongoing)

5. Raising awareness of the measures related to information and knowledge sharing (deadline December 2017)

6. Evaluating risks and threats to sports betting activities (deadline end of 2017)

7. Collaborating with the Council of Europe to promote UK interests (ongoing)

8. Reviewing best practices as regards the sports regulatory framework (deadline December 2017)

9. Enlarging the scope of reach of Sports Governing Bodies (deadline end of 2017)

10. Engaging with betting operators to promote good practices (deadline December 2017)