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Rhode Island casinos to begin sports betting by the end of November

Rhode Island casinos to begin sports betting by the end of November

Treading on the steps of Vegas, Rhode Island is also all set to open its door for gambling.

"We are game in town," said Mike Barlow, head of operations for the company that owns both of Rhodes Island's casinos.

Rhode Island has also decided to legalize sports betting within its territory keeping in mind the revenues that gambling would fetch for them. While Massachuttes and other states are still busy discussing the issue, Rhode Island lawmakers have already approved sports wagering at the Twin River and Tiverton Casino Hotel.

Studies suggest that the illegal sports betting market is huge in the United States worth $100 million. Supreme Court struck down the law earlier this year making it legal to allow sports gambling in the state.

"People who bet on a consistent basis would rather want to place their bets through phones and laptops. They would want to go for a convenient option rather than getting engaged with a bookie," said David Cacciatore, a Waltham resident who likes sports betting.

He also asserted that the chance of betting on the game would lure him to select one of the Rhode Island casino over other gambling options if he planned to spend a night at casino.

Moreover, the state has also struggled to establish a balance in the budget in recent years and wagering has become the third-largest revenue source for the state in recent years

A study suggested that Rhode Island had the highest amount of gambling revenue per adult resident of any state.