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Professional Baseball Coming to Las Vegas?

Professional Baseball Coming to Las Vegas?

For now its just rumors, but it would be the perfect move for Major League Baseball (MLB), as it’s one of the biggest markets without a team. An article on suggests that the defunct Montreal Expos and a new team in Las Vegas could provide a boost in interest, attendance and playoff rivalries for the Major League.

There are currently 30 teams in the MLB divided across six divisions of five teams. Moving up to 32 teams would call for realignment to having four divisions of eight making those races a lot more interesting right away. SportingNews reports that one team of each division would automatically qualify and the numbers two and three would play a Wild Care match in order to move on.

In all American sports it’s all about the playoffs and this move could make the MLB’s a lot more interesting. With regards to having two new teams Las Vegas and Montreal have to be the clear frontrunners. Montreal had a team from 1969 until 2004 when their Expos were moved to Washington and became the Nationals. Recent friendly matches played in Montreal by the Toronto Blue Jays proved to be extremely popular and the demand for a team in the French Canadian city seems bigger than ever.

Up until 2014 no professional team had ever played in Las Vegas, largely due to the United States’ hypocrisy towards gambling. For the longest time Sports betting was only allowed in the state of Nevada, but recently Delaware, New Jersey have amended their laws to offer some additional fun when watching a sporting event. Montana and Oregon have the law in place for sports betting, but so far they have not acted upon that. The vibe that Las Vegas oozes, that of pure gambling, has always held back owners and teams to move to Sin City, but perhaps a change is coming.