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Portugal government to review gambling law

Portugal government to review gambling law

Portugal might see certain changes in the gambling regulations next year. The government of Portugal regulated its online gambling market in 2015 and officially opened it for international operators in 2016.

 The lawmakers in Portugal presented the budget plan for 2018, which also included proposed amendments to the country’s Online Gambling Law. These amendments would be concerned with the legalization of national and international liquidity for different iGaming and betting services.

 The Iberian country had earlier entered into a shared online poker liquidity agreement with France,  Italy and Spain. The agreement between the countries was aimed at allowing the country to merge its online poker player pool with those the other participating country.

 With the proposed amendments to the existing gambling laws, Portugal will enter into similar agreements for other online gambling activities – both gaming and sports betting. Also, the country will be able to share their customer pools with fellow brands that are licensed by the local gambling regulator, The Gambling Inspection and Regulation Service or Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ). Portugal-licensed operators could also merge their player pools with the player pools in other regulated jurisdictions.

 If given nod, the scheme will be included in the 2018 budget plan and later developed into a set of regulations by SRIJ. Reportedly, a preliminary plan about the shared liquidity amendments has already been presented to the European Commission and has been received well by EU regulators.

 Portugal’s new online gambling taxation might also see some changes. Currently, it is one of the most expensive jurisdictions for operators, and therefore uninviting. The Remote Gambling Association have been opposing the country’s taxation regime for a long time and seeking for changes in the way licensed operators are taxed.

 Presently, Portugal taxes sports betting operations at 16% on turnover while casino operations including online poker are taxed 30%.