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Popularity of sports betting in visual form

Popularity of sports betting in visual form

Sports betting has always been popular and more so since it became available remotely, first via telephone, then over the internet. There is a virtually unlimited market for punters, casual bettors and sportsbooks, all trying to earn more money by predicting the results and development of sporting events. Top Betting Action, an online sports betting shop, has created an infographic detailing all information pertaining sports betting activity in the US.

The infographic shows such data as popular types of bets being placed, including prop bets, parlays, straight wagers, future wagers and head-to-head bets, totalizators and 'if bets'. It also shows demographic intel on the most common punters and bettors. Favourite sports categories to wager on is another category in the infographic.

Besides poker, sports betting is the most popular betting activity in the US today. 25% of the male population between 14 and 22 years of age place regular bets monthly with the NFL being the most wagered on market. The Super Bowl and March Madness  are also favourites in the US.

Source: Top Betting Action