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Pinnacle With $1 Million Bet Limit on World Cup Final

Pinnacle With 1 Million Bet Limit on World Cup Final

For almost everyone in the world, the usual bet limits that bookmakers put on things like the World Cup final in Brazil is more than enough, but there are those who just wants to bet fortunes on the outcome of a match, who feels left out because of the, for them, small limits.

Bet365 has placed a €14,500 limit on all bets on the World Cup final, where bets over that amount has to be approved by the company's traders. This means in theory that you cannot get a bet over that amount placed unless you have a history of losing big money bets.

So where should you go if you are looking to place a fortune on the World Cup final? Pinnacle Sports is the answer as they announced yesterday that they have placed a $1 million limit per bet on the World Cup Final, but all bettors are more than welcome to place the same bet several times, meaning that there's no limit effectively.

Placing such a large bet will however affect the odds significantly, so please be aware of the fact that if you bet $4 million, then you won't be getting the same odds for all four bets. We do however doubt that any of our readers are looking to place a million dollar bet, but Pinnacle is well known for having all the biggest bettors in the world, placing bets for billions of dollars every single month.

 "Our $1m World Cup final limits aren’t hype, we fully expect existing players to test them to the max. And for all other high-rollers out there looking for sky-high liquidity and the best potential return for the World Cup final, Pinnacle Sports really are your only serious choice.”  said Pinnacle Marketing Director, Ali Layani.

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