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Paradoxical sports betting laws in India

Paradoxical sports betting laws in India

Justice Mukul Mudgal, the head of a three-member probe commission which was appointed by the Supreme Court of India to investigate the current state and future of sports betting in the country, feels that India's laws regarding sports betting is paradoxical and that it should be regulated with the utmost urgency.

Mudgal said in a statement addressing a conference at FICCI, that the law proves to be paradoxical in that it would allow to place bets on the skill of horses and jockeys, but it would not allow to place bets on players like Sachin Tendulkar or a Sardar Singh.

He also mentioned that India stood to benefit greatly from sports-betting taxes if only the activity would be made legal: "Betting market is staggering in India. The amount of revenue that the government can earn by making it taxable can go a long away in helping to erase the current fiscal deficit".

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