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Paddy Power's Latest Publicity Stunt - Bet on Rory McIlroy's Next Girlfriend

Paddy Power's Latest Publicity Stunt Bet on Rory McIlroy's Next Girlfriend

It is always difficult when celebrity couples break up and it was no different when famous golf player Rory McIlroy broke up with the Danish tennis darling Caroline Wozniacki. It all started with a press release from McIlroy's publicity team stating that he had broken up the relationship, while that statement changed later on when he told the press that it was a mutual decision.

As usual Paddy Power couldn't let a good publicity opportunity slip away from them and only hours after the official announcement had been made, they came out with odds on who McIlroy will take as his next girlfriend.




As you can see from the tweet above, Paddy Power puts the lowest odds on McIlroy to get back with his ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney at only 3/1, while some more outrageous odds are being listed for celebrities such as Rita Ora at 100/1, Jessie J at 100/1 and even Miley Cyrus at 80/1.

While some people may get outraged by the fact that Paddy Power has listed odds on who will be his next girlfriend, there might be some value in betting on his ex-girlfriend as they supposedly stayed in touch while McIlroy was together with Wozniacki. 

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