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Paddy Power With New Crazy Marketing Stunt

Paddy Power With New Crazy Marketing Stunt

We all know that Paddy Power have a very creative marketing department and that they are not afraid to do outrageous campaigns, just to get all the media publicity that they possibly can. Today they did yet another publicity stunt at the Manchester United against Aston Villa match.

It had been rumoured that a fraction of fanatic Manchester United fans had collected money from other fans to do a banner on a plane, which would be shown right before kickoff.  Hearing about this apparently inspired Paddy Power, who decided to make their own little message the same way.

The fans of Manchester United and Aston Villa that were present on Old Trafford could see that the rumour about the flying message to manager Moyes was indeed true and could witness this message "Wrong One - Moyes Out":

Wrong One - Moyes Out

But that was not all that they got on the cold spring afternoon in Manchester, as Paddy Power also wanted to join the party with their own little plane. Their message was regarding betting on if Sir Alex Ferguson will return to the manager seat, kicking to Moyes who at this point already must be lying down. The message said "Fergie Back in 6/1 Paddy Power", which you can see below;

Fergie Back in 6/1 Paddy Power

Once again Paddy Power has managed to turn a bad situation into great publicity for them and we are sure that there are some people in their marketing department who will get a promotion or a raise soon.

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