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Paddy Power, Rodman and North Korea

Paddy Power Rodman and North Korea

Dennis Rodman, the (in)famous American basketball star, has made the news recently because of his travels to North Korea to visit leader Kim Jong-Un and to promote the game in the communist country. Where Paddy Power comes into the mix is in the fact they still sponsor the basketball player, even though Rodman's visits were met with little enthusiasm and much critic from the rest of the world.

But according to Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong-Un has been opening up to Western ideals thanks to his "basketball diplomacy". Rodman even thinks that basketball could be the solution to patching up things between the United States and North Korea.

Despite criticism from the media, Paddy Power might be on to something in sponsoring Rodman since the gambling company has decided to make the backing official by announcing the "Paddy Power Dennis Rodman Invitational". This will be a goodwill tournament which will allow a North Korean team (which will be trained by Rodman) to face American opponents in a match scheduled to be played in North Korea and Europe.