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Paddy Power Punishing 'Traitor Tony'

Paddy Power Punishing 'Traitor Tony'

Football is a religion in England and losing a match in the World Cup is never fun for the football loving country, but seeing a Brit on Twitter tweeting about winning good amounts of money by betting on the opponent can really infuriate the public and no less the bookie he placed the bet with, Paddy Power.

The guy, now known as Traitor Tony, had placed a bet on Italy to beat England in the first match and boasted on Twitter with the large amount of money that he had won by doing so. Paddy Power however didn't like the fact that this guy boasted and that he placed the bet with them, so they decided to go medieval on him, literally.

Paddy Power instead took a gibbet which was used to showcase those who had raped, robbed, murdered and betrayed and used it to hang up Traitor Tony to showcase to the public. Here they allow the public to come and take pictures with Traitor Tony, next to their massive sign saying "Traitor Tony Backed Italy with Paddy Power and Made a Killing - It's Treason Season".

“The last time I used my gibbet was when Max Mosley was over for dinner – but that’s another story. I knew it would come in handy one day and when I heard that Tony made a killing backing the Italian’s I couldn’t think of a nicer man to blow off the cobwebs for. Look at him now, that’ll learn him, the traitor” A spokesperson from Paddy Power said.





Paddy Power further announced that anyone backing Uruguay against England in the next match can expect to get the same treatment from the company, so Brits beware. 

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