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Online Sports Fantasy Groth on the Rise

Online Sports Fantasy Groth on the Rise

Fantasy Sports betting is on the rise in the United States, especially with college students and young adults. The fabtasy sports wagering system itself is supported by data and statistics for sports events and the energy and time required to feed the system is enormous. Most of these statistics and figures are provided by the players themselves during live game broadcasting.

The consumers of these figures include such tech giants as Google, Facebook, SportsData and Bleacher Report. SportsData alone feeds from and provides data provided from almost 20,000 sports events every year and hundreds of fantasy sports league media companies.

Vice president of content and media at Bloomberg Sports, Robert Shaw, believes the fantasy sports information market is controlled by a virtual monopoly. In hs words, "This has been an industry that, for a long time, has been dominated by just a couple of participants. I think a lot of people have been pleased with the different type of service that SportsData is able to offer".

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