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Ogbonna header wins punter a ridiculous bet

Ogbonna header wins punter a ridiculous bet

Ogbonna heading West Ham into a lead surprised most of the EPL followers this weekend. Can you believe a punter had put £15 bet backing Angelo Ogbonna to head home the opener? He defied the odds of 245/1 and scooped a tidy sum.

The winning was remarkable in many ways. First, Manchester City is rampant in the league and looking unbeatable at the moment. Second, the Manchester club was playing in their backyard against a side fighting to get above the relegation zone.

On top of that, betting on the Italian centre back to score opener with a header. Just the idea of it seems bizarre.

Before this game, the defender has never bagged a goal for West Ham in 55 previous Premier League appearances. In 312 career games, Ogbonna has netted on four occasions.

After the most unlikely Angelo Ogbonna header, the hosts came back in the game and scored twice to get a win.