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Oddset Signs Deal With The German Football Association

Oddset Signs Deal With The German Football Association

The German Football Association (DFB), the governing body of football in Germany has confirmed its partnership with the German sports betting provider, Oddset. The deal is set to be valid until the end of 2018.

The deal will see Oddset to gain from a range of brand advertising provided. The deal also involves, an amateur football portal managed by the DFB. The brand presence of Oddset would be seen on both the websites including DFB’s official site and along with the social media channels. The brand logo of the bookmaker would also be prominently displayed during the interviews, before and after the matches.

Oddset would be required to join the DFB to spread the awareness in youngsters regarding the ills and dangers associated with sports betting, especially discussing the potential risks and risk of match-fixing to a lower-tier player.

Oddset is a well heard of name in Germany as every state and city has at least two Oddset stations. The company is a branch of the German lottery and is controlled by the government.