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Norwegian Bettor Bet on Suarez to Bite Player

By Daniel Allermand

Luis Suarez made headlines yesterday after the game versus Italy, as the Uruguayan striker decided that it would be a great idea to bite Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in the shoulder during the match. The worst part about the incident was that Suarez sat down on the grass and showed that his teeth were hurting and still he didn’t get a red card, but we’ll let FIFA decide that.

The story quickly took a positive fun spin however, as a Norwegian bettor put online a screenshot of a bet he did prior to the world cup – You can see his coupon below.

Basically the bettor placed a bet on if Luis Suarez would bite another player during the world cup, giving 175 times the money back. The bettor placed a NOK 32 bet, equal to around €4 on it and won NOK 5,600 on it, equal to around €700. While the story has not been confirmed to be completely true, it seems like this bettor was smarter than the rest of us, given Suarez past of biting players in games.

We would like to congratulate the Norwegian on the great bet he placed, but let’s hope that it will be the last time Suarez have to act out of madness in this world cup.

Daniel Allermand

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