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No Sports Betting in New Jersey after Christie Vetoes Bill

No Sports Betting in New Jersey after Christie Vetoes Bill

For a long time it looked like New Jersey would open itself up to online and live sports betting, but for now these plans will be stored away on a shelf. Back in 1992 a federal law was passed that banned sports betting and for the longest time New Jersey seemed to be on a path to circumvent this.

Gov. Chris Christie has vetoed bill S2250, which was met with a big response from the bill’s sponsor Sen. Raymond Lesniak who said the following, “He stuck a dagger in the heart of Atlantic City and our ailing horse racing industry.”

So even though the bill was passed by the state Senate and Assembly, by quite the margin, it will not happen. This new bill would’ve allowed private companies to open up sports betting outlets, something which could be a huge economic boost for the struggling state. Atlantic City in particular is not doing very well and this new bill could’ve been a push in the right direction.

Christie defended his decision by saying that ignoring the federal law that has been in place for over two decades, “counter to our democratic traditions and inconsistent with the Constitutional values I have sworn to defend and protect.”