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NJ denied challenge of federal sports betting law

NJ denied challenge of federal sports betting law

Back in September, a panel of 3 judges presiding over the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit upheld a ruling against New Jersey and in favour of a 1992 federal law prohibiting sports betting in all but four states. New Jersey decided to take the matter up with the U.S. Court of Appeals but its petition to challenge the federal sports wagering prohibition law has once again been denied by all judges in the Philadelphia court.

Now it seems the state's only recourse is to submit a petition to the US Supreme Court. The New Jersey sports betting law was signed by Gov. Chris Christie in early 2012 after it had passed referendum vote by residents in late 2011. Regulations were written by the state but a federal judge in Trenton made a blocking move not allowing the state to implement such regulations. The move was in favour of the NCAA and four of the major sports leagues which have been in opposition of allowing sports wagering in the state or in any other state for that matter.

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