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Nicklas Bendtner in Trouble Again

Nicklas Bendtner in Trouble Again

Nicklas Bendtner, Danish international and Arsenal striker, has been well known for not being the most reliable football player in history and now he is in trouble again for doing outbursts outside of the football pitch.

While his team were in Munich to try and qualify for the next round of the Champions League, Bendtner was in Copenhagen getting wasted as Bendtner does best. Bendtner was out with his friends in Norrebro, which is a part of the capital Copenhagen. Here the guys took a local taxi to their next destination and this is where bendtner "ran amok" as the local danish newspaper BT explained it.

Bendtner apparently both called the taxi driver a "fat pig" as well as having threatened him and unbuttoned his trousers and rubbed his body against the side of the taxi while the rant was going on. Bendtner allegedly told the taxi driver that if he hadn't been as famous as he is, then he would have smashed him and ended by calling him "you little fat pig".

CEO of Amager Obro Taxa, Thomas Peterson, told the press that they had not reported the incident to the police as there were no assault or similar, but that it was only a case of a "drunken idiot". Bendtner has yet to make any comments on the case. 

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