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NFL Season 2014/2015 Starting Soon

NFL Season 2014 2015 Starting Soon

American Football is back after more than six months of holiday for the players of the hard-hitting sport. The season officially starts on September 4th, where Seattle Seahawks takes on Green Bay Packers at home, in a much anticipated match.

As always with the NFL, there's a lot of teams that everyone believes will go to the playoffs and then eventually to the Super Bowl, but what most forget is that every single year there are plenty of surprises in form of teams playing much worse or much better than anyone could possibly expect.

There has been a massive draft, lots of transfers and free agent players switching between players, weakening and strengthen the teams in different positions. There are still four clear favourites for the title this year, with a handful of realistic contenders after those.

The favourite to win the Super Bowl according to Bet365 is Seattle Seahawks at odds 6.50, followed by Denver Broncos at odds 7.50. San Francisco 49ers is also at odds 7.50, while New England Patriots are the fourth favourite at odds 9.00 for them to win the Super Bowl, which they dominated in the 00's.

Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints are next in line to take the title, but after those we take a massive pay jump as we are going to the teams who wins a super bowl once every 10-20 years, such as Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens.

The least favourite to win the Super Bowl this season is Jacksonville Jaguars at odds 176.00, while Oakland Raiders is just a little better at odds 151.00. One of Europe's favourite teams, Minnesota Vikings, provides a great return if they for once could have a successful season at odds 81.00.

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