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New Jersey witness a drop in revenue while April brings some good news for online gaming

New Jersey witness a drop in revenue while April brings some good news for online gaming

On Thursday, the New Jersey has released its gaming revenue reports for April, which revealed a 68.9% drop year-over-year, affected by COVID-19 pandemic. In comparison to April 2019, which brought $265.4 million revenue, this year saw a heavy downfall and just received $82.6 million.

Table games and slots game saw a biggest drop along with sports betting. New Jersey earned revenue of just $2.6 which is way lower than the last year figure which was $21.2 million in 2019. Looking at the figures, it clearly shows that the state is still up on the sports betting ($86.4 million) as compared to last year’s $84.4 million. This shows the steep growth the sport betting was on before this pandemic and lockdown situation.

A marginally increase in revenue in the month of April

In the midst of this global pandemic and lockdown scenario, the month of April saw a quite an upgrade in the revenue among online games, which also includes casino and poker games. A 114.3% increase in revenue was seen in the month of April from last year which amounted for $34.9 million. Apart from Pennsylvania and Delaware, New Jersey is the only state in the United States to offer online casino games.

From $1.7 million revenue in 2019 to $5.1 million last month, poker saw a great growth jump of 208.7%. In U.S., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delware and Nevada are only four state who are currently offering online legal poker.

Desperate to work something out in lockdown

The world has hit by the virus, and this has put each economy into big trouble. That is why some several states are trying to make their online gaming sites legal. States like West Virginia and Michigan are some of the states who are discussing their terms among legislators.

Since mid-March no major event has been reported, therefore, the UFC returned has come up with the first mega live sporting event which has brought a number of audiences to booking online. This month, we will see two live golf events, and NASCAR is also returning in May.