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New Jersey Residents Not in Favour of Sports Betting Expansion

New Jersey Residents Not in Favour of Sports Betting Expansion

New Jersey is a state who loves to gamble. Not only do they have lots of casinos in Atlantic City, they have also regulated online poker and casino so that their residents can play games online completely legal and completely safe.

One thing they are not able to do completely legal is betting on sports however. A poll made last year in the state showed that 55% of all people in New Jersey were in favour for an expansion in the sports betting market, which can bring millions in extra taxes, while only 28% were against it.

This has changed slightly now, as the latest polls made by PublicMind shows that 51% still supports the bill to expand, but a massive 41% are now completely against it - a 13% increase. 47% of the 41% were against the expansion due to them fearing that it will create more gambling addicts and that it also may lead to matchfixing issues or a general corruption.

 “Looking at the numbers, it looks like finances and social deviance are driving responses. On the one hand, sports wagering is seen as at least part of the solution to the state’s lagging economy. But you can’t ignore the worries of those who see it as opening the door to personal heartache and financial ruin.” Donald Hoover, Senior Lecturer at Farleigh Dickinson University's International School of Hospitality and Tourism said.

With a declining support and an increasing opposition it is far from sure that New Jersey will be expanding their sports betting bill, but two new bills has been proposed and is currently being discussed.