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New Jersey requests rehearing from court

New Jersey requests rehearing from court

Last Friday, Governor Chris Christie requested a hearing by the entire 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, in an effort to seek a secondopinion regarding legalized and regulated online sports betting. Back in September a 3-judge panel ruled against New Jersey by stating that the current betting laws conflicted with federal laws.

According to state attorneys, the federal law from 1992 which prohibits sports wagering, did in fact allow only a few select states to continue offering some sort of sports betting. The states which were grandfathered include Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. State attorneys also said the law broke state sovereignty and equal protection provisions which are guaranteed under the 10th Amendment.

Its been 2 years since New Jersey approved a referendum for sports betting and one year since Christie signed it into law. But the law has been on hold since the four major sports leagues together with the NCAA sued Christie in 2012.

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