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New Jersey Congressman endorses Legalization of Sports Betting

New Jersey Congressman endorses Legalization of Sports Betting

A New Jersey Congressman, Frank Pallone, has come in support of legalizing sports gambling ahead of the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on New Jersey’s case.

Making a push for the same, U.S. Representative Pallone of D-New Jersey suggested that the estimate of sports betting is almost a half-trillion dollar industry nationwide, and the state’s appetite for sports gambling is huge. As of now, sports betting are legal only in Oregon, Montana, Delaware and Nevada.

Pallone believes that legalization of sports betting will weed out many illegal activities. Currently, most of the money is placed illegally — either in person with a bookie or online through an app –being run by organized crime.

The Congressman backed the GAME Act and expressed that the bill would bring sports betting out of the shadow, and serve as a model that would enable each individual state to make a decision if they want to legalize gambling on sports.

Pallone believes that the bill has no downsides but a medium for the states to make money, create new jobs and get rid of all illegal activity to finance the mob. Besides, he was firm that President Donald Trump would give the bill a green signal with his knowledge of casinos and sports betting.

The court will hear the arguments on December 4. Only after the nine justices hear the arguments via the questions the put forth for the attorney, there will be a decision. A decision is expected by the first half of 2018.

It was in June 2017 that the Supreme Court announced that it would hear New Jersey's case in the fall of 2017 for legalization of sports betting in New Jersey. In September 2017, a poll revealed by the Washington Post and the University of Massachusetts Lowell revealed that 55 percent of adults in the U.S. approved of legalizing betting on pro sporting events.