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NCAA reiterates their stance on sports betting

NCAA reiterates their stance on sports betting

While most of the universities are viewing legalized sports betting as a possible source of increased revenues, NCAA is maintains a contrary  stance on it as it is still focused on protecting student-athletes and the integrity of the games through consistent national guidelines and education.

The NCAA announced on Thursday which suggested that an internal team of experts have started to examine the impacts of legalized sports betting on college sports, use of integrity services and rules.

The Supreme Court of United States overturned its ban on state-sponsored sports wagering, which also opened the paths for states to begin licensing bookmakers.

Delaware and New Jersey have already begun to offer Las-Vegas like sports betting. Mississippi and West Virginia are also expected to tread the same path soon before the start of the football season.

NCCA chief legal officer Donald Remy stated in a release, "We respect Supreme Court's decision but our stance on sports wagering still remains the same."

"With this changed landscape, we must try to keep evolving and expanding our long-standing efforts for protecting both the integrity of competitions and ensure the well-being of student-athletes," he added.

While the NCAA is still relucatant to embrace the change, Marshall and West Virginia are among the premier Division I universities that are interested in receiving a percentage of the amount placed on college sports. 

In the past 25 years, prior to the Supreme Court ruling, there have been at least five point-shaving scandals in college sports that that have come into the public notice.