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Montana Lottery announce Sports Bet Montana

Montana Lottery announce Sports Bet Montana

On Thursday, 21st Nov 2019, the Montana Lottery announced its new sports wagering product after Sports Bet Montana. The Lottery Director Angela Wong said in a press conference, “We’ve been working hard since May to create and build Sports Bet Montana.” The betting enthusiasts will be allowed to gamble within the establishment that have machine selling lottery tickets like in traverns or bars.

On May 2019 in an interview given to the MTN News Jennifer McKee, manager of Montana Lottery communications told: “What that means for Montana is you won’t be seeing sports wagering at every grocery store and gas station that currently sells Montana Lottery. It will be only locations get a sports wagering license, and it will only [be] in locations where it makes sense.”

The law currently prohibits any Montana collegiate or professional coach, players, trainer, staff member from betting on any sports game or event. Further, athletes competing in sports like golf or rodeo are restricted from betting.

The estimated raise in revenue for the state’s general fund is expected to be around $1.5 to $2 million.